Old habits are hard to break, which is part of the reason many jewelry businesses stick with the same old advertising methods like radio, newspaper and TV ads. Many jewelers have an established relationship with the local radio stations and continue to advertise through them even if the ads aren’t as effective as they once were. But newer methods of advertising can have many advantages over radio ads, like lower costs and better returns. Google Adwords is one of these methods, and it can grow your business…beginning today. Here are just five of the top reasons Google AdWords is a better way to advertise your jewelry business than radio advertising.

1. You Get Measurable Results.

A radio ad goes out to a certain number of people in the broadcast area, but there’s no way to be certain of how much of your target audience hears it or what percentages made it through your sales funnel. AdWords allows you to know exactly how many people see your ad, who clicks on it, and whether they end up buying something.

2. No Commitment is Easier on Your Wallet.

Radio ads typically come with contracts that lock you into advertising over several months. An AdWords campaign can be changed anytime that you want to cut back, so you aren’t locked in to spending a minimum over several months. You can experiment until you find the right budget for you and then increase the budget as the results allow.

3. Reach People Who Are Already Looking for Your Product.

The average radio ad may reach a lot of people, but only a portion of them will be looking for your products. Even if they are your target buyer, they might not be ready to buy when they hear the ad and will usually turn to Google anyway. AdWords solves this problem because it targets people searching for keywords related to your business at the exact time they are searching. This means they are focused on their computer or phone with a specific goal in mind— and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

4. Enjoy Easy-To-Understand Metrics.

We set our clients AdWords up so you have detailed information about how much campaigns are costing you, how many people come in, and how much you are paying on average for each conversion or sale you get.

5. Customizable Extensions Let You Make (and Test) Multiple Types of Sales Pitches.

AdWords has several ad formats to help you make more sales. You can add a click-to-call button that makes it easy for customers with a question to contact you, or add pictures of your bestsellers to your ad. These extensions can help you get the attention of more potential clients.

AdWords is a new way of advertising that is designed to be more effective and precise than traditional methods like radio and newspaper ads. For jewelry stores looking for growth, it is a strategy that is well worth trying to maximize the efficiency of your advertising dollars and drive more e-commerce sales or foot traffic.