If you own or operate a jewelry store, there are many ways you can choose to bring customers into your store. In addition to the traditional methods that may have worked for you in the past, like radio and television ads, there are also many digital advertising options that have low initial costs and high rates of success.

1. Use Content Marketing to Bring More Traffic to Your Website.

Producing content pieces, like blogs, slideshows, and videos, can help to attract new customers to your website. As a bonus, these customers are likely to move quickly through the sales funnel and be ready to engage with you. For example, if you post a blog about how to choose the right engagement ring, you might capture traffic from customers who are close to making that purchase.

2. Place Pay-Per-Click Ads to Capture Users Who Are Ready to Buy.

PPC ads are great for capturing traffic from people who are on the verge of buying something. Along the top and side of the page, these ads stand out when prospective customers are looking for something specific. Plus, you only must pay when someone clicks the ad leading to your landing page, so you don’t have to worry about losing advertising budget on futile efforts. 

3. Re-Market Your Audience Through the Sales Process.

Many potential customers will interact with your Facebook page or visit your website before they are ready to commit to a purchase. With the Facebook Pixel, you can now re-target specific traffic with offers for items they left in their cart, an invitation to schedule an appointment, or information about an upcoming event. Stay top of mind and move cold leads through the sales funnel with re-marketing ads.

4. Experiment with New Marketing Channels.

There are many ways to reach consumers, and the nature of the Internet means that nothing stays dominant for long. Once you’ve found one method that works, it’s important to keep tweaking your approach to sustain your results over time. Continue to monitor up and coming social media channels, hashtags, and topics relevant to your industry.

5. Start an Email Marketing Campaign.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. Unlike social media fans, you own your email list. Compiling a list of potential customers and sending them a special sequence of special offers and ongoing newsletters help to keep you top of mind when they are ready to buy. It also helps to get customers who are on the fence about buying a piece of jewelry ready to purchase and establishes you as an industry leader, which builds trust between them and you. 

As you experiment with different strategies, you are likely to find a unique combination of tactics that works well for you and brings you more customers than ever before.

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