Growing a social media following organically has become extremely  difficult, but it’s not impossible. There was a time where posting cool and interesting things on your page regularly were enough to get attention and have people follow you. Unfortunately, the competition on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is now so fierce that it is hard to stand out amongst all the other brands looking to connect with your audience.

Although new methods are always in motion, we’ve found that these are are simple, evergreen ways you can reach more people and engage with your audience at a deeper level without spending more than your time.

1. Create a Schedule & Stick To It

The easiest way to keep your audience engage is to post often and on a regular basis. To make sure you don’t start strong and end up losing steam, create a posting schedule to help you know what to post and when

2. Post Polls & Questions To Improve Engagement

Asking your audience a question or taking a poll is more likely to compel them to participate. Keep questions related to your business and respond to any related questions that show up in your feed.

3. Offer Items of Value To Your Audience

Whether it’s a coupon for something discounted or free from your physical location or a downloadable checklist they can use to make an important decision, your audience is likely to respond to something free.

4. Try Influencer Marketing

One of the easiest ways to grow your following is to pair your brand with an influencer who already has a large social media following. Before you choose an influencer to partner with, take some time to familiarize yourself with the type of message they communicate and whether it aligns with your messaging.

5. Tailor Your Posting Times

Each social channel has a specific audience and times that those users are most active. For example, people tend to be more active on LinkedIn during working hours, as the content is more business related.

6. Create Videos To Engage With Different Types Of Users

While some people like to read articles on social media, others prefer to watch a video to get the content they are looking for. Creating videos can help your content reach those audiences that prefer visual content.

7. Measure Success & Tailor Your Campaigns

Most of the popular social media channels offer analytics that will help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. Check your analytics regularly and look for any patterns, including:

  • Do posts made on a particular day or at a particular time do well?
  • What hashtags have helped you gain visibility?
  • How do users respond to polls? Photo posts? Open ended questions?

Running your company’s (or client’s) social media channels can be time-consuming, but well worth the investment. If you find that you’re in need of expert help, we’re here for you.