Your online marketing agency sold you a dud– themselves! You’re not happy with the results because you’re spending more money than ever on their fees and ad costs, but you are bringing in less leads than ever. You may even be loosing faith in social media and PPC to be able to give you the results that you so desperately need to receive to keep up with your competition.

Unfortunately this happens a LOT– you are not alone. We’ve advised clients and taken over for previous marketing companies for dozens of clients over the years. We’ve seen firsthand lazy, uneducated, outdated and spammy tactics that have actually hurt, not helped, our clients. Imagine all that money spend for months or years… wasted.

Whether you are working with an online marketing agency right now, or planning on hiring one soon, read on for 8 ways your marketing agency might be hurting your business.


1. They are tanking your Google and Facebook Ads.

This is first because it is most urgent: if you aren’t seeing legitimate, cash-in-hand leads, your Facebook and Google advertisers are failing you. We have seen far too many agencies set up generic Google and Facebook Ad campaigns… and not check back in for a month. This has resulted in targeting the wrong audience altogether, hundreds-to-thousands of dollars spent in a single campaign without a result to show for it, and results that are 10x more expensive than the industry average. Possibly worse of all, these lazy tactics can annoy audiences and tarnish your brand name.

Only hand over your beloved ad dollars to an ads manager who is comfortable talking about the metrics of the campaign, who can show previous experience and results, and who is happy to provide regular progress reports throughout the campaigns. Google and Facebook ads will rock the way you do business— but only if done correctly.

2. They are selling you networks that you don’t need.

We’ll be the first to say it: not all businesses need Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, a website, landing pages, and ads on every network…

While it’s easy to sell packages stuffed with services, we often find this leads businesses stretched too thin. Instead of chasing every online channel available to you, why not focus on where your audience is and then develop a funnel that actually converts? We prefer doing what works well so we don’t waste our time or your time (or your money).

3. They are publishing generic content that doesn’t match your brand voice.

Have you ever felt like you are just a number when working with a marketing agency? While creating one-size-fits-all packages and content might be more profitable for agencies, it is lacking the personality that will make your online marketing a long term success.

Make sure your agency knows what customers love about you and why you do what you do— and then make sure that is reflected in every design and piece of content published on your behalf.

4. They are skipping out on engaging with your audience.

Drop it and run! While this might work for many of your regular tasks, this is not a method to building raving fans on social media. Unhappy customers expect fast responses and they will get more upset when not properly handled within 24 hours. Happy customers might already be fans, but quick engagement will encourage them to keep coming back.

Successful social media needs daily engagement— from checking messages to responding to comments, this minor task is critical to both maintaining and growing your fan base.

5. They are skimping on SEO.

We could build five dream homes with the money we’ve seen people spend on black hat SEO tactics that don’t work. From keyword stuffing (meta tags haven’t been used by Google in almost 10 years) to link buying to article spinning, these tactics might actually be hurting your SEO rather than helping.

Save your money and invest it in making sure your website is optimized for SEO, and hire a legitimate agency to produce fresh content in terms of landing pages and SEO-optimized, relevant blog posts. White hat SEO helps you actually show up better in organic search results while providing a more user-friendly experience.

6. They aren’t staying up to date on online marketing rules and terms of service.

While we’re all for breaking the rules or asking for forgiveness instead of permission, Facebook, Instagram, and Google are giants we would prefer to have in our corner. An innocent giveaway that asks users to share a post, for instance, is against Facebook’s Terms of Service and can have your account removed without warning.

Black hat tactics can make sure your website is hidden from organic search results. We’ve seen big agencies make mistakes that could cost your brand big time. Only work with marketing agencies who stay on top of both rules and trends to keep your online assets safe.

7. Mobile users can’t view your website.

There’s a good chance more than 60% of your website traffic is coming from mobile sources. Regardless of how beautiful or expensive your website is, it is useless if your customers can’t easily navigate it on mobile. Good news if “new website” isn’t on your to-do list: more often that not, it is very inexpensive to add a mobile-friendly component to your website.

8. They aren’t retargeting your traffic.

Call it a guilty pleasure, but we love to check if websites we visit are using a Facebook Pixel… and you’d be shocked at some major companies that either don’t have one, or it isn’t set up properly! I mean really, why would a business not have one?! Your Pixel will track users behaviors on your site and allow you to retarget users based on which actions they took. Have an e-commerce site? Close your abandoned carts with a customized ad your shoppers can’t resist?

By targeting leads with ads customized for them, you can shorten your funnel and greatly reduce your cost per lead or sale. Did we mention the Pixel is free?

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