Facebook is king! (Well, at least for now…) Facebook brand pages increase your business visibility, engage core customers, drive new followers and improve overall branding. For these reasons (and so many more), it’s vital that small businesses stay on top of their Facebook presence.

More than $13 billion was spent on Facebook advertising in 2015!

While Facebook advertising is a legit tool when it fits a client’s needs and goals, there are always basics to cover first. Facebook’s algorithm allows good posts to get more organic engagement, and these tips will help set you up for success!

The number one reason for a Facebook user to unlike a brand is if it shares uninteresting posts. The second reason is because it shares too many posts.

Here are just a few things you can do when setting your business up on Facebook. If you already have a page, use this as a checklist to optimize your page.

  1. Upload a recognizable profile picture.

    This may seem simple, but not everyone chooses to follow this path. You need a profile image that is easy for potential fans to recognize your brand by (such as a company logo). Pick an image you will want to keep around for a while to remain consistent to your followers. Keep in mind that Facebook will scale down any image to 180px by 180px!

  2. Choose an attractive (preferably custom) cover photo.

    Select a large, high quality photo that won’t appear grainy or stretched out. Avoid copyright lawsuits and stay away from Google or Pinterest images. Use Canva to easily create a beautiful cover photo that reflects your brand.

  3. Create your Call to Action button.

    Facebook did small businesses a big favor when they introduced the Call to Action button. Visit your page and select the “Add a Call to Action” button near your cover photo. Facebook has seven pre-made button options that you can link to your website or other URL or app: Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Book Now, Use App, Watch Video and Play Game.

  4. Fill out your “About” section.

    Another often overlooked component of your Facebook brand page is telling out why your company exists! Include brief and descriptive copy about your company and what you offer. Make it easy to read by breaking up your copy into smaller paragraphs. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality into it!

  5. Post quality visual content.

    You’re finally ready to post content! Follow the 70-20-10 rule: 70% of your posts will add value to your community, 20% will share content from others and 10% will promote your own brand. Typically, photos perform best in the newsfeed, so find or create an image to go with your posts!

  6. Promote your page.

    Invite your friends to like your page. Add a link to your email signature and share it on your other social networks. Tell in-store visitors you’re on Facebook. Post great content that encourages followers to share it. It is possible to grow a page without using advertising.

  7. Stay on top of comments.

    Don’t create a page and then go MIA. Set aside a few minutes every other day to interact with your fans and other pages. Monitor conversations on your own page, but also contribute to conversations on other pages/topics. We like to approach social media with a giving attitude: be free with your advice and opinions. Good things will come back to you!

Do you need help setting up or managing your Facebook page? Email Ashley at ashley@madewellcreative.com or contact us here.

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