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How We Build Successful Google Ad Campaigns For Our Clients (in a Nutshell)

If you’re new to Google Ads or pay-per-click (PPC) in general, it can seem either (a) completely boring, complicated, and unnecessary or (b) one of the greatest ways to drive more traffic to your website, get more calls to your business, and generate more revenue. We are in the “b” category and hope by this point you are too.

In all honesty, Google makes it very easy for someone to build a campaign. This is deceiving, because easy doesn’t mean it’s effective. We see hundreds (in one case, thousands) of dollars wasted for vanity clicks that never led to even a phone call, let alone a sale. This isn’t like writing an ad in a newspaper and whoever sees it, sees it. You need to know exactly who your customer is and how to target your product to them.

Gone are the days of just throwing something to see if it sticks, because thanks to Google Ads, we can figure out what sticks before we even throw it. Here’s how we do it (in a nutshell)…

Research Your Market

This is a key factor used to maintain your competitiveness over your competitors. Does your competitor come up in search before you? Then they are one step ahead already! We gather important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size, and of course who your competitors are. Using this information, we understand how use your business’s strengths to elevate and set your brand apart from the rest (which happens to also put you above them).

Narrow Down That Targeting

If you’re selling Rolex watches, why would you water-down your targeting to show your ad to someone who is searching “jewelry” on Google? Luckily, we didn’t skip the the last two steps. At this point we know exactly who your target audience is, so we aren’t going to be lazy with those ‘broad match’ keyword terms. This wastes everyone’s time, has the potential to quickly eat up your budget, and makes your website less relevant to Google. We don’t want random clicks– we want conversions! Know your customer and be specific.


Use Your Brand's Voice

Authenticity (not the fake kind). We have to make sure we have a purposeful, consistent expression of your brand that will harvest trust, honesty, and excitement about your products and/or services. We do not want to change your brand, but rather harness the power of what you’ve already built. You once had a vision that has now turned into your brand… let’s tell your story.

Get Those Conversions

Ah, it’s now time to reap the benefits of all the hard work! Whether it is a phone call to your store, filling out a contact form, or to capture some email addresses for your newsletter… you get fresh conversions (leads) who are excited and ready to buy your product. A dedicated landing page (like the one you’re on now) is recommended so we can quickly and effectively showcase your product and/or services to your warmed-up audience.

Re-Target The Audience

It’s likely someone wanted to get in touch with you, but there are so many life distractions… kids, work, dinner plans, and shiny things. Sometimes we all need a reminder, so that’s where re-targeting comes in. Stay in front of your much-researched targeted audience: people who visited your website, people who have seen and/or clicked your ads before, and we can even add in your past customer list.

Lead Focused Strategy


This is a client of ours who was utilizing our social media management and advertising services, however was stuck with “a friend who knows all about that Google stuff” running their ads with a budget allowance of $4,000-5,000 per month. They were getting about 20-30 clicks per day and just a couple conversions per week. Finally enough was enough and we took over. Within a few weeks, we had researched their market, rebuilt all the campaigns, targeting, ad copy, and incorporating Google’s display network. We now consistently see 350-500 clicks and 4-8 conversions every single day.


13x ROI




Increase of Ad Clicks


Cost Per Click


Change in Ad Budget

Results Based Approach


This is a client that was already set up pretty well and doing okay, but definitely not performing as well as they knew they could. They were a few months into PPC, and had an employee doing their ads. In some cases this works well, but in this case, that person’s time and expertise in their industry was more valuable elsewhere. They contacted us and after a phone call and a few emails, we all decided that we would be a good fit for each other! We immediately got to work and by a few simple changes we were able to receive more than double the clicks to website, tripling the amount of calls to the store, set up conversion tracking, and decreased the ad spend budget– all within a matter of days.

3.7x ROI


Client: B (3/1 – 4/30, 2018)


Increase of Adwords Clicks


Cost Per Click


Change in Adwords Budget

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