Having an active presence on each major social media channel is vital for businesses in 2017, but it’s also important to tailor your approach to that specific channel. A post that performs well on Twitter may not do as well on Facebook unless you make some tweaks to customize your message to the audience that follows you there.  Here are some tips on how you can gain more followers on each social media channel and draw them to your brand’s message!


Twitter users like the fast paced nature of the microblogging platform, making it a perfect place to advertise flash sales, limited time promotions, and special events. You can use a URL shortener to share links to your site without going over the 140 character limit. Hashtags are paramount on this platform, so make sure you use a popular one to draw more eyes to your post, but avoid using too many, which irritates users.


Fans of Pinterest visit the site often to look for specific types of resources. Visual content does best on Pinterest, but there are particular types that perform better than the rest:

  • Recipes
  • Do It Yourself articles
  • Blog posts
  • Fashion and Beauty Tips
  • Parenting articles
  • Travel guides

If you produce content on a regular basis, you can apply to be a publisher of Smart Pins, a special kind of pin that links back to the source of the content no matter how often it gets shared. This eliminates the problem of others sharing your content and pretending that it belongs to them, and also encourages traffic to your site.


As Facebook has grown in size and popularity, it has become hard for brands to stand out organically. Luckily, the cost of promoting posts to get more exposure is still low, making Facebook a great place for businesses to experiment without spending much. Try boosting your strongest piece of content to audiences that fall within the demographics you’re looking to target and monitor the results regularly to see how it performs.


The world’s largest platform for professionals is a great way to promote content and services for businesses. However it is not a great place to promote consumer products or services, and there can be backlash for posts and products that followers feel are inappropriate for Linked In. One of the great advantages of Linked In is that it allows you to target specific job titles, positions, and companies, making it easier to connect with decision makers.

To find out more about how to increase your popularity on social media, get in touch with the experts at Stephens Social today. We can help you create and manage a social media presence that will connect you with your potential customers.

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