In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is becoming a social network that businesses need to use to increase visibility online and bring more leads in. Users on Pinterest follow brands and people they like, and re-pin pictures and videos from feeds that they like, are inspired by or want to try to save them for later. Pinterest is a great tool to use to promote many different kinds of businesses, but especially those that have a visual element to capitalize on. Since Pinterest uses photos and videos to reach users, it’s a great medium for businesses that have something to photograph and show off, such as:

  • Clothing retailers
  • Makeup companies
  • Hairdressers
  • Renovation and repair services
  • Photographers
  • Fashion designers
  • Artists
  • Wedding service providers
  • Gyms and fitness centers

Steps to Using Pinterest for Business Promotion

Start by registering for a ‘Pinterest for business’ account. This will allow you to create an official Pinterest profile page with your business name, logo and website to make it easier to find you. Next, start sharing the images you’ve selected. Try using a fun font to put the name of your business or website across the image. Use hashtags and give as much information as possible in the description to allow anyone who reads it to identify you as the source. Try including information about the inspiration and design process behind the pin, or what element of the image stands out the most to you. Make sure you include the page of your website that you want users to link to if they click on the pin. This should be the page that offers information about what was shown in the pin. For example, if you show a photo of a finished dinner dish, make sure the pin links to the page on your site where the recipe is listed.

Most Successful Types of Pins

Much like the other popular social networks, there is a certain demographic that uses Pinterest the most. Pinterest is a social network that is more popular with women than men and is especially popular with crafters, Do it yourself-ers and busy moms. Some of the types of pins that get the most attention and re-pins include:

  • Recipes
  • Menu plans and ideas
  • Outfit and accessory combinations
  • High-quality photographs
  • Memes and jokes

It’s easy to copy the format of these popular types of pins to make your own. There are even free templates on websites like Canva to help you create beautiful looking images to use for pins without any design experience.

Once you get the hang of using Pinterest, you can use it regularly to keep fans and friends posted on your latest developments and new offerings.

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