My #1 pet peeve is a social media manager who doesn’t know what they say they know. My #2 pet peeve is the company who hires them without checking into their skills and experience first.

Not seeing if your social media manager has actual experience managing social media— and even more so ads if they will be running them— leaves an anxious SMM and a business that will soon be disappointed when they aren’t getting results and don’t know why. We have had clients leave to take their social media and ads in house… but they come back when their results decline and their SMM has no idea why.

Here are a few basic questions to ask your social media manager before ever giving them access to your accounts:

Are they familiar with Facebook Business Manager?

If they are running ads, they will know their way around Facebook’s Business Manager. They will understand the difference between campaigns, ad sets, and ads… and they will be able to test audiences and creative to get the best results. When results slow, they will be able to look at different attribution windows, look at negative feedback, and look at frequency— and know what it all means. Boosting a post on the page is 1/100% what running an actual, profitable

Do they use hashtags in Facebook posts?

Research shows that hashtags on Facebook almost always reduce the reach of a Facebook post. Unlike Instagram and Twitter, Facebook is not a hashtag-based network. While there are exceptions to this (think #SuperBowl and #WorldCup), regular use of hashtags in Facebook posts is a clear sign of a SMM who thinks they know what works without having the research to back it up.

How do they stay up to date on social media changes?

Having a Facebook profile and managing effective social media accounts for businesses and brands are largely unrelated. Social media changes at a rapid rate— what is allowed, new feature releases, algorithm updates, and things that can get your profiles shut down. If you want your business to stay ahead, you need a social media manager who is keeping up to date. A few I like are Social Media Today, Neil Patel, and Jon Loomer.

Have they gone to school for social media?

Just kidding! While formal education has its benefits, experience and continuous learning will far outweigh a traditional education when driving ROI with social media manager. We do recommend continuing to learn and improve skill sets. Beginners should check out Facebook Blueprint to understand the basics and to get to know Business Manager. For more advanced social media and ads managers, we like courses from Cat Howell and Dan Henry.